CannonTracks - CannonTrek.ID Big Bikes in the Backcountry

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CannonTracks - CannonTrek.ID Big Bikes in the Backcountry

Postby Cannonshot » Fri Aug 21, 2015 9:15 pm

This track file contains tracks I am sharing for the CannonTrek.ID ride I did in Idaho. The file takes in a variety of points of interest. It contains my tracks and also the tracks from the Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route. I did this so that people could see the variations between the route I rode and reported on and the actual IDBDR route.

The file contains tracks and waypoints that can be incorporated into someone else's trip. There are around 850 waypoints that include points of interest, fuel, camping, and cycle shops.

Huge thanks to the IDBDR people that developed their route as much of it was integral to this trip. The variations I made only had to do with my desire to explore areas apart from the IDBDR. The IDBDR is a fabulous ride as published.

The ride report with photographs and information is posted here: ... y.1080327/

CT ID Share.gpx
CannonTrek.ID (Variation of IDBDR)
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